The Association of Artists & Writers, Inc.
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Gary Girdhari PhD. DipEd

Harry McD. Persaud
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Gokarran Sukhdeo

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Dolly Z. Hassan PhD. JD

Seopaul Singh CEM. PRO

James C. Richmond

Robert Mahesh

Basdeo Mangru PhD

Joseph Whittington EdD

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The name of the organization shall be the "Association of Artists and Writers, Inc.", and is hereunder referred to as the "Association". The Association shall be set up as a "not-for-profit" body.

Mission Statement

To identify, develop and promote the talents of artists and writers, and to provide a forum for the expression of their talents.


1. To recruit Writers and Artists in an on-going membership drive and organize them in a vibrant body so as to give them a sense of belonging and protection of their interest.
2. To encourage amateur Writers and Artists in schools, colleges and the public at large to develop their skills through membership and participation in activities of the Association.
3. To seek out and utilize the talent of others in providing guidance, and encouragement to members in order to improve their skills.
4. To stimulate a community awareness and interest in the activities of the Association in an effort to encourage community involvement in promoting literary and artistic interests, especially among young people.
5. To sponsor periodic competitions in art and literature, and award prizes to winners, and to raise funds and organize sposorship for these competitions.
6. To hold workshops, conduct readings, organize exhibitions, have debates and discussions, propagate cultural activities in the particular forms of music, dance, plays, drama and concerts, on a regular basis; and to expose the activities of the Association via the electronic media, radio, newsletter, and other print media.
7. To lobby governing agencies for support for the Association and its members.
8. To be a resource center for the exposure of the works of artists and writers, and to be a clearing-house of relevant information.
9. To form a network of alliances and maintain links with other organizations with similar objectives.
10. To conduct evaluations of the Association and its members and to impose sanctions and remedial action for any unethical activity.


Membership of the Association is open to writers, artists, sculptors, artistes and well wishers, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, and political or other persuasion. Writers shall include all people writing fiction or non-fiction, poets, journalists, and may write for the print or electronic media. There is a mandatory payment of membership dues. Membership will be for a period of one year, renewable after this time upon request. Membership fee is $20.00 per year. The membership fee for students of any educational institution is $10.00.

The Association reserves the right to reject an application for membership, initially or at the time of renewal, if there is any question of criminal or unethical involvement.

Members would be entitled to vote at Annual Meetings, and would be eligible to hold office of the Association. Each paid-up member will be issued with a Membership Card, signed by the Chair or Secretary, as well as by the member who, by so doing, agrees to adhere to the objectives and rules of the Association.

Members are required to conform to a code of conduct.

Violation of the code of conduct, rules and objectives may subject the errant member to appropriate discipline, to be decided.

Code of Conduct

This Association will strive always to formulate and maintain standards and behavior of high moral virtues. Adherence to a code of conduct will be effected by appropriate mechanisms to enable the preservation of the highest standard of responsibility of its members.

1. Members are required to maintain proper ethics, to avoid pornography in their work, to refrain from plagiarism, libelous or poison-pen writing.
2. Members are expected to be good role models. They will maintain a life free from drug abuse, alcoholism, violence, and immoral and criminal behavior.
3. Members are required to attend meetings, readings, forums, exhibits and promotions of the Association, and to lend support to the activities of the Association.
4. Absence of members from three consecutive meetings without proper reasonable notification or excuse may lead to sanction (e.g. forfeiture of office and/or membership).
5. The Association would not defend members who violate the rules; and the Association would not assume liability for any damage caused by such violation.


1. The Executive shall hold office for a period of two years. After their tenure of office, a new executive shall be elected by the financial members. Any member is eligible for executive office. Members of the previous executive are also eligible. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Election will be held at least one month before the end of the term of office of the current executive. Ballot be done by mail, especially for out-of-state members, and may be requested by the member at least 7 days in advance of the date of the election, with proof of valid membership.
2. The Executive shall hold meetings at least once a quarter, but on the last Saturday of the quarter, except for ad hoc meetings.
3. As far as is possible there will be planned activities after the meeting, in the form of reading of authors’ works (poetry, short stories, books, drama, plays), exhibits (art, sculpture, photographic displays, etc.).
4. If a member wishes to withdraw his/her membership or if membership is rescinded, there will be no refund of fees, either in part of full.
5. Withdrawal of membership cannot be arbitrary. A decision to recommend withdrawal must be made by majority votes at a meeting of the members of the Association.
6. A meeting of the members must have a quorum of at least 50% of the members; however, any amendment of the wording, objectives, mission statement, membership, rules, etc. must first be approved at a meeting of not less than two-thirds of the membership.
7. Meetings shall be conducted by the Chair, or in his/her absence, by the Vice-Chair.
8. Apart for petty cash, any and all spending of the Association’s funds must be approved by the members at a meeting. The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep accurate record of all financial transactions.
9. The Secretary/Treasurer shall prepare a statement of the account annually, which must be balanced.
10. The financial year shall be the fiscal year.
11. In order that there will be proper planning and budgeting, the meeting on the fourth quarter will approve budgetary demands. Hence, there must be plans for projected activities well in advance.
12. Members will be deemed "in good standing" as long as they maintain their annual subscription and support the objectives, rules, programs, etc. of the Association.